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03/02/2024: It was a busy Sunday lunch time but being completely ignored as I "waited to be seated" as requested...was unacceptable! All of the staff either walked passed me or turned their backs when I tried to get their attention. The very least they could have done was talk to me and tell me when a table would be ready and where I could sit and wait!! I was with my elderly parents both in their 90s and they left us standing there! Seating needs to be done better! 2 people sitting at a table for 4 is not very efficient. Also offer a chair to older customers!! There were plenty freely available!When we finally got a table I have to say our waitress was very pleasant and helpful. Lunch was fine, portions were small. Deserts too expensive at €7 each!! It's the small things that will make this place excellent !
22/10/2023: Food was very good. Lovely staff. Level of cleanliness exceptional. And this is the first restaurant we have been to where each table had a bottle of hand sanitizer. Well done!


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