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Johnnie Fox's

17/01/2022: Very cosy pub, with a nice atmosphere.
16/01/2022: We had lunch in Johnnie Fox’s recently. (Wed. 5th Jan) It wasn’t a great experience. I am lactose intolerant, so I said this to the waiter and that I could not eat dairy products such as milk, butter, cheese, cream etc. I indicated that I was interested in two dishes and the waiter went in to check in the kitchen if there was dairy in them. The waiter came back out and said that I could have the beef and Guiness stew without the pastry and some veg that wasn’t cooked in dairy. However a while later about a half an hour after leaving the restaurant I started getting awful reactions (which I get after having eaten dairy - which must have been in the sauce of what I are). And I was quite unwell for the following two days. I was extremely disappointed that this happened after an afternoon out in Johhnie Foxes and it would make be really question ever going there again. Something like that has never happened to me before and it was extremely frustrating and disappointing. The allergens on the menu also weren’t very well presented. “DF” was listed for dairy free, but yet none of the dishes (even the 2 dishes under vegan/vegetarian) had DF listed under them... so why have “DF” as an option on the allergies list? The service in general wasn’t great. If the incident with the lactose hadn’t happened I wouldn’t be mentioning this, but in light of it all the whole service just wasn’t good enough. 
I had asked for tea with dairy free milk. It took an extremely long time to be brought out and when it was brought out, I was given normal milk and not lactose free milk. My mom asked for a glass of white wine and they completely forgot to bring it out. Twenty minutes later she had to ask again. Johnnie Fox’s had a good reputation in my family as my parents used to always go there when they lived in Dublin, but unfortunately this experience would make me question going there again.


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